UA Spring Fling carnival back on campus

TUCSON, AZ (Arizona Cat’s Eye) — It’s back!

After 15-years of being at Rillito Park, Spring Fling has returned to the University of Arizona Campus.

Moving the largest student-run carnival in the nation back to its original location has been in the making for a while now and comes just in time for the event’s 40th anniversary.

“This whole plan was kind of put into place about four years ago,” said Hannah Sager, Spring Fling’s marketing director.

The decision simply made sense for the university organizers and clubs involved, especially since students now no longer have to trek four miles north of campus to take advantage of the festivities.

“It’s more of like a central location, and just having it on campus makes it feel like more of a UA event versus like a Tucson event,” said Vishak Shankar, president of a participating club.

One of the most noticeable changes in the move has been the size of the venue.

The university Mall is a significantly smaller space compared to Rillito.

“Obviously this year, they had to limit the number of clubs because they weren’t sure about the space restrictions,” said Shaina Hasan, a participating club fundraising chair:

Organizers, however, say that if anything, Rillito was too big.

“There was a lot of wasted space, a lot of extra space that we didn’t utilize over at Rillito,” said Jared Young, Spring Fling’s Executive Director.

Organizers are waiting to see how Spring Fling goes now that it’s back on campus, but they are hoping it has come home to stay for the coming years.

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