Tucson Schools Offer Alternative Educational Choices

TUCSON, AZ. (Arizona Cat’s Eye) – Tucson parents have many choices when it comes to finding the right school for their children.

 Different schools have unique approaches to education. Tucson offers many educational opportunities. The Waldorf School offers an alternative learning environment.

Dr. Michelle Berry gives a lecture at St. Gregory College Preparatory School in Tucson, Ariz.
Dr. Michelle Berry gives a lecture at St. Gregory College Preparatory School in Tucson, Ariz.

 “The mission of the Tucson Waldorf School is to really educate children who will develop into free thinking, creative adults who have access to all the capacities that they were born with,” said Rebecca Briamonte, the enrollment director for the Tucson Waldorf School.

The philosophy of St. Gregory College Preparatory School is educating children, using rigorous academics as a foundation.

“The arts, athletics, character and leadership opportunities are all apart of what we embrace as our mission here at St. Gregory,” said Julie Sherrill, the head of school.

“One of the reasons I love teaching at St. Gregory is because of the academic freedom that I am accorded, said Michelle Berry, chair of the history department. “I get to assign the readings that I want to assign and I get to teach the kind of high level, critical skills that I want to teach including critical reading, critical thinking and critical writing.”

BASIS is a tuition-free, publicly run charter school giving every student an opportunity to apply and attend.

 “Everyone always thinks there’s some kind of magic bullet in our curriculum or that we take the top kids, but really the secret about BASIS is that we work like crazy, and everyone does,” said Julia Toews, the director of BASIS. “The basic philosophy here is that if you raise expectations and you provide the support students need, they will meet those expectations.”





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