Temple of style

Joel Crocco behind the Templeton’s counter.
Photo by Chloe Hislop.

By Chloe Hislop/El Inde

In 1937, Dorothea Lange took a photograph of the historic Labor Temple in downtown Tucson. The temple was originally built in the 19th century to safely house meetings for labor unions. The building’s purpose may have changed but the outside looks the same as Lange’s photograph.

Now, the building sits across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art, and next to the Arizona Theater Company and houses studios for a photographer, a sculptor, a tattoo artist, a fashion designer, and now, a vintage store called Templeton’s.

Chloe Hislop has this story.

Wooden bulldog statues inside Templeton’s.
Photo by Chloe Hislop.
Paul Zinner’s art on the walls at Templeton’s. Photo by Chloe Hislop.
Nun’s bed inside Templeton’s. Photo by Chloe Hislop.

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