Sexual Assault Classes

TUCSON, Ariz- Sexual assaults on college campuses have been increasing. Kodenkan martial arts is one studio in Tucson that offers self defense classes that are specifically for women.

During these classes, the instructor uses props and punching bags to get these women to practice how to protect themselves in real life situations.

John McGraugh who is the instructor of the class says they use techniques that you wouldn’t normally see in a martial arts setting.

“Eye gouging, kneeing in inappropriate areas, attacking the throat, biting. That’s the kind of thing we want to teach and we want to make sure its practical,” said McGraugh.

Skye Walker, whose daughter is enrolled in this class, developed a rape awareness program when she attended Virginia Commonwealth University to help women stay safe around their campus.

“We developed a escort service where there were people on foot and on bikes that would help get girls from classes to their dorms” Said Walker.

But according to statistics one in five omen and one in eight men will be attacked or sexually assaulted before leaving from their college campus.

Alexyz Liggins is a reporter for Arizona Sonora News Service, a service from the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona. Reach her at

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