Quincie Douglas Pool Opens For 2014 Season

The City of Tucson has officially opened Quincie Douglas Pool to the public for the 2014 season just in time for the summer heat, as it prepares for summer programs and classes to begin later this month.


Quincie Douglas Pool

Address: 1563 E. 36th St.

Phone Number:  520-791-5941

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday noon- 4 p.m.


The pool opens from April to mid-November and currently offers adult lap swims, family recreational swims and Red Cross swimming lessons. People of all ages are are encouraged to register online through the Tucson Parks and Recreation department.

Lifeguard Ben Cruz said business is always slow in the spring, but he expects the classes to be “fully packed like previous years.”

Neighbors are happy the pool is open. “I come here and bring my kids so they can swim,” said Virginia Cunningham, a monitor at Public Gardens Elementary School.

Cunningham also said Quincie Douglas Pool is better compared to other pools.

“I have been to other city pools around my house, but my kids like this one and the pool here also has more space to sit around and it also has the kiddie pool,” she said.

Quincie Douglas had been open year round, but budget cuts forced the pool to shorten its operation in 2009.

“I wish it would stay open all year,” Cunningham said. “But I understand about the budget cuts and the weather. I’m going to try and come every weekend.”

Billy Sassi, the aquatics program manager, said the only pools that open year round are Sunnyside, Clements, Catalina and the recreational pool at the Edith Ball Recreational Center.

Sassi acknowledged that Quincie Douglas pool is one of the city’s most expensive to operate. “Heat alone at Quincie Douglas you are talking about $1,200 to $1,500 a month. Staff costs are about $50,000,” Sassi said.

“Then there are the chemicals that keep the pool clean and safe, but that cost in hand to estimate,” Sassi said. “Quincie Douglas is not an inexpensive pool to operate.”

Despite budget cuts, Sassi said people in South Tucson have not asked for the pool to go back year-round mainly because they have the Sunnyside pool open all year in the south side.

“If I had it my way we would have all of them open all the time,” Sassi said.

For more information regarding dates for registration, fees and for summer programs visit here.

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