One man’s combat experiences in the War on Terror

By Blake Gephart / El Inde

For two decades, America has been at war in the Middle East. The battles have continued, but there seems to be less and less coverage about what it is our troops are doing in places like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

We know even less about Special Operations Command, or SOCOM, because the government and military keep these operations as quiet and secret as possible. Alessandro O’Neill was a Staff Sgt. and special forces operator in the Marines most elite fighting force, MARSOC.

Alessandro O’Neill, front-center with some of his teammates and partner nation forces
in Iraq. Photo courtesy of Alessandro O’Neill.
1. All sound effects were acquired from the BBC Website at
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3.News Clip from WPLG Local 10 acquired from YouTube Video titled “Gunnery Sgt. Diego D. Pongo’s body arrives to Dover Air Force Base,” at
4. Picture credited to Alessandro O’Neill

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