Mobile shower for Tucson unhoused could be rolling in February

Christa Freer, El Inde Arizona
Cloud Covered Streets is hard at work building a second mobile shower trailer so that this one, currently operating in Phoenix, can be brought down to Tucson. Photo courtesy of Cloud Covered Streets. 

Two Arizona nonprofits are joining forces to bring a mobile shower and laundry unit to the streets of Tucson.

Cloud Covered Streets is a Phoenix-based organization that operates a 22-foot trailer equipped with two full-size shower stalls, one wheelchair-accessible shower stall, two stackable laundry units and an office space where members of the unhoused community can apply for work, update their resumés or contact their loved ones. They typically have volunteer stylists on site to provide free haircuts to their patrons, as well as free T-shirts and hygiene supplies. 

They’re teaming up with Tucson nonprofit Hard Hitters for the Kingdom to bring one of these trailers here. CCS executive director Robert Thornton says they’ve gathered a dedicated advisory board who are focused on sustainable success, led by Hard Hitters Vice President Sam Nagy.

The Tucson trailer could hit the streets in February.

 “Our goal was January, but right now I just think that we still have so many balls up in the air…so I think February is a more realistic timeline for us,” said Thornton. “People don’t realize how much work really goes into this. It takes a lot to make this successful.”

Hard Hitters for the Kingdom is going out into the community on street missions, handing out free T-shirts, food and cold drinks to people like James, pictured here, who are currently unhoused. Photo courtesy of Sam Nagy.

Nagy is excited and honored to be the one leading the team in Tucson. 

“This is something we’ve been wanting to bring here for a long time now,” he says. “It’s not just about a shower. It’s about bringing hope and dignity to a community that is really in need.”

For now, Hard Hitters is prioritizing fundraising and going out on so-called street missions. The street missions are an opportunity for the Tucson team to familiarize themselves with the areas of that city that are in most need, as well as for those experiencing homelessness to learn more about the trailer and the combined nonprofits’ mission of service. 

“One of the main things is just talking to the members of that community that are going to be using our services and asking them questions,” said Thornton. “What are some good spots we can go to and set up where we’ll be able to help a lot of you guys? What are some things you guys need? Just really getting to know the community that we’re going to serve.” 

Anyone interested in learning more about the trailer in Tucson and volunteering or donating money towards the project can visit Hard Hitters for the Kingdom’s website, For updates, follow @ccs_tucson on Instagram or check out their Facebook page, Cloud Covered Streets – Tucson.

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