Local Beer and Wine in Tombstone

Tombstone is an oasis for those who appreciate alcohol because of the town’s vast selection of local beers and wine. Visitors can find an array of beers from Arizona breweries at multiple saloons along with wine made with locally grown grapes.


The Crystal Palace Saloon serves the Black Iron Indian Pale Ale from the Grand Canyon Brewery located in Williams, Arizona. They also offer the Full Moon Belgian White Ale from the Mudshark Brewing Company, from Lake Havasu City.

 “The people who come from all over want to know if we have local beers and where they’re brewed,” said Michelle Martinez, an employee at the saloon. “We try to keep everything local.”

The bar serves several beers from the Old Bisbee Brewing Company and Four Peaks Brewing Company based out of Tempe. Patrons can enjoy Old Bisbee’s Double Hopped IPA, Classic Pilsner, and Royal Stout. Four Peaks offers a Kilt Lifter and Hop Knot.

“I like the Kilt Lifter,” said Megan Rush, who also works at Crystal Palace Saloon.

Beer enthusiasts can also find the Black Iron IPA at Big Nose Kate’s. They also serve the Big Nose Kate, a pale wheat ale specially made for the saloon.


Locally grown grapes contribute to the delectable wine selection in Tombstone.

The owners of Silver Strike Winery use local grapes and hand-make small batches of wine. With the exception of two bottles, all grapes used at the winery are grown in Arizona. By next year, they hope to use local grapes for every single bottle they produce.

Jann Bengel, an owner of Silver Strike, said she hopes that in the near future there will be three or four wineries and a brewery in Tombstone.

“The more you have, you become a wine destination,” Bengel said. “The more the merrier.”

Bengel said that Arizona is great for producing wine because of the promising area for grape growing. Some of Silver Strike’s varieties include their Sweetheart, Nellie C and Mother Lode wines.

“We think it’s a wonderful area to grow,” she said. “We have summer rain and milder evenings. It’s just perfect for grapes.”

Outside of Silver Strike, there is Tombstone Wine Works, a wine bar and art gallery. They sell a variety of dry and sweet wines, including their Tombstone Red, Showdown, Madame and Gunslinger.

Other wineries associated with Tombstone Wine Works include The Village of Elgin, Four Monkey Wines and Domaines Ellam, all found in Elgin.

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