Leather was a must for this Tucson ball

By Korayma Lamadrid, El Inde Arizona

One activity at the Fetish ball was the candle wax station. 
Photo by Korayma Lamadrid.

Sex slaves, latex enthusiasts, furries, goth vampires and pets were all present and accounted for at “Love Killz,” the first-ever Tucson fetish ball held at the Jackrabbit Lounge on Feb. 2. 

The heedy fragrance of leather and smoke filled the retro-style lounge on North Oracle Road as attendees dressed head to toe in latex danced suggestively.

A woman donning a nun costume took the stage as darkwave music played in the background. The crowd cheered as she repeatedly tased herself on her bare chest for several moments before her grand finale:  breaking a wood plank on the back of her neck.

“Love Killz”  was quite an eccentric experience, with several kink stations throughout the red-lit lounge and a dominatrix dressed in a full leather bunny mask and black lace lingerie  whipping submissives as they bent down and begged to get hit harder. 

The ball was the brainchild of Claudia Thrice and Neftali Perez, who noticed that the Tucson fetish community was split between DJ events and those organized by Desert Dominion, the Tucson-based alternative lifestyle organization that supports the BDSM community. 

Perez said some people believe that kinks and fetishes should stay in the bedroom. Events like the fetish ball allow the community to express who they are without judgment and shame. 

“Love Killz”  helped create a space where kinksters could leave their shame and fear at the door and walk in with confidence – and handcuffs and whips.

“It warmed my heart having a room full of doms, submissives, puppy players and others coming together in a room and just enjoying having a safe and non-judgmental room to express themselves,” said Jackrabbit Lounge bar manager Keith Caywood, who said he could see the Jackrabbit Lounge hosting another event in the future.

Rob Norman, owner of Slither, brought a big selection of leather accessories and toys. 
Photo by Korayma Lamadrid.

In addition to live entertainment, the ball featured a handful of vendors selling everything from glass bikinis to leather facemasks displayed on the pool tables. 

 A man wearing a freshly polished metal strap-on and leather wolf mask checked out leather accessories by Slither, a local leather business.  

Slither’s owner, leather artist Rob Norman, was selling chokers, harnesses and facemasks that weighed over a pound with their heavy embellishments.

Norman handmakes all his leather accessories, decorating his crucifix collar and “Holy Bridle” facemask with cross pendants imported from Vatican City.

“I want everyone to look their best while behaving their worst,” he quipped. 

For the most part, the crowd at “Love Killz” was well-behaved. But there were some who behaved their worst including a woman who laughed as she pointed to the purple bruises across her butt and thighs from being spanked too hard. 

To learn more about Desert Dominion, visit desertdominion.org.

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