Influencing the campus night club scene

By Olivia Ledford/El Inde

Working at one of University of Arizona’s most beloved clubs, No Anchovies, comes with its ups and downs. But for students Morgan Metler and Brett Moran, it’s more than just work. It’s a lifestyle.

As Morgan and Brett go into their last semester of their senior year, working at No Anchovies is one of their main priorities. They have both been working at the club for over a year, and they worked their way up from promoters to bigger positions like Director of Hospitality (as Metler did) and Creative Director (Moran’s position). Now, the two of them help hire promoters, work with special guests, and make sure the group of party people who come to the club are from all backgrounds.

The two No Anchovies workers sometimes thought that balancing school work, free time, and work was hard to handle. But Metler and Moran could have never anticipated what would happen to the world, their school, and especially, the nightclub, this spring. The worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19 changed everything for these student employees, and now their lives are looking a lot different.

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