Here are some of UA’s best campus study spots

Barrak Al Shammari, El Inde Arizona

The Student Union Memorial Center, the Wyant College of Optical Sciences, the Bear Down Building and the University of Arizona’s main library are popular study spots. Here’s why students say these are the best places to hit the books and cram for finals.

Student Union Memorial Center 

In need of a breeze of fresh air while studying? The Student Union Memorial Center has outdoor seating and a variety of restaurants to fuel up while studying. 

UA student Ashley Aldred said she likes the convenience of the union. 

“There are even delivery options offered if you prefer your drinks and foods delivered to you,” she said while studying outside one day last week. “The air, sunlight, and numerous food shops make the Student Union study paradise.”

(Students studying outside of the Student Union Memorial Center)

Wyant College of Optical Sciences

Students often use the Wyant College of Optical Science to study while observing the serene environment surrounding the buildings.

“As I prepare for my finals, the view that is right before my eyes makes studying a relaxing activity rather than a tasking one.” said Mark Champman who considers himself a lover of nature.  “This is the place where I usually come to help me study.” 

 (Student studying inside the Wyant College of Optical Science)

Bear Down Building

The historic Bear Down Gym was recently renovated and transformed into the Bear Down Building to create a comfortable and modernized study atmosphere and student resource space. 

“Meeting with my group in a comfortable place where it is close to everyone is the best thing about this building,” said Annette Anzaldua as she was preparing for her final project presentation. 

The study space available in the new Bear Down Building includes the new bleacher space and private rooms for those seeking extra privacy and quiet.

(Students studying inside the Bear Down Building)

Main Library

You cannot mention ideal study spots in the University of Arizona and fail to mention the quality study options provided in the main library. One thing most students agree on is the fact that the main library is open almost daily throughout the semester, which comes in handy during those stressful exam periods. Amina Didan likes that the library has communal study areas, private rooms and individual cubicles.

 (Multiple students studying the in basement of the Main Library)

“The main library is a substitute to the Bear Down Building when I need a change of environment,” she said. “Almost every resource is available if you need help with study materials.” 

The library also can be a place to make new friends.

“You could always ask your peers to help with various assignments,” Didan said. “I have ended up making a new friend several times.”  


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