From sports media to manager

By Justin Pierce/El Inde

After going through one of the most controversial investigations in program history, UA Basketball coach Sean Miller turned to a member of the media to find Arizona’s newest Men’s Basketball manager.

Meet Joseph Klein, a 20 year-old college junior from San Antonio, TX who worked at UATV 3. His journey to becoming Arizona’s basketball manager would start with a press conference on March of last year, just days before Arizona was set to take on the University of Southern California in the first round of the PAC-12 tournament. He was making his presence felt in the media room as he asked questions about attacking the paint on offense and closing out along the perimeter on defense.

“After that observation and question, coach Miller pulled me aside and he and I started talking” said Klein. “He asked if I could meet with him after the season to discuss life.”

Klein met with Miller and the coach offered him a managerial position. Klein has loved every second of his new opportunity.

“I’ve always loved watching basketball,” said Klein. “Before last year, I probably watched five hours a night. This year, I probably watch six or seven hours a night and it’s just the greatest thing, I have so much fun. It doesn’t feel like work even though i’m working 50 hours a week, it feels like a hobby.”

Ever since working in student media, Klein has always been focused on making a connection game with his peers. He knew that working with Sean Miller would help him in the long run to get one step closer towards his career in basketball.

“I took his offer not really knowing what it would entail, but knowing that I made a choice that would potentially benefit me in the long term,” said Klein.

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