Study finds marked crosswalks are more dangerous than unmarked crossings

Just because you’re in a crosswalk, you shouldn’t assume you’re safe.

The Federal Highway Administration compared different types of crosswalks for 5 years and the study found that marked crosswalks are actually more dangerous than unmarked crossings.

Tucson Department of Transportation Pedestrian Coordinator Ann Chanecka said the study shows why everyone should be aware while in a crosswalk.

“Yesterday it might’ve been someone you don’t know, tomorrow it could be a family member,” Chanecka said.

The data was collected from over 400 intersections. There were a total of 181 pedestrian crashes in marked crosswalks and only 41 in unmarked crossings.

Valerie Vinyard, a member of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee, said most accidents happen because people think they’re safe while in a crosswalk and aren’t fully paying attention.

“If you’re a pedestrian, you shouldn’t be on your headphones, you shouldn’t be on your phone, you should always be watching,” she said.

The study found that in marked crosswalks without street lights, pedestrians are 2-3 times more likely to be hit by a car.

University of Arizona freshman Debbie Lee said she feels safer in marked crosswalks because there aren’t as many cars going by.

The Pedestrian Advisory and the Tucson Department of Transportation said everyone should try to walk to the nearest intersection to cross the street.

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