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Below, please find the links to two stories from Please note that the story on texting we budgeted earlier this week has been overtaken by events and has not been posted. The Arizona Senate is voting on the legislation today (March 4), and a revamped story will be posted as soon as possible.

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Flocking to birds along the San Pedro River

Gordon Lewis and Tom Leskiw were equipped with their binoculars and scopes, ready to embark on a frigid morning for another day of listening, looking and cataloging the sights and sounds of Route 92 near Sierra Vista. Lewis and Leskiw lead free bird-watching tour  along the San Pedro River every Monday from January to July.

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District files lawsuit over school fixes

Officials in the Tombstone Unified School District are hoping for a quick resolution to a civil lawsuit they filed against the general contractor who built Tombstone High School, citing numerous allegations of poor construction of the $7.2 million school.

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