Campus police preparing for Halloween

ASU and UofA will prepare for the parties that will take place on Halloween.
ASU and UofA will prepare for the parties that will take place on Halloween. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons user Toby Ord. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Arizona State University is pulling out extra police patrols this week to keep up with the busy “Halloweek” parties on their campus.

On the University of Arizona campus, UAPD police will beef up its presence near dorms, fraternities and housing complexes close to campus, said UAPD Crime Prevention Officer Joe Bermudez. But the number of officers on duty will be typical of “any other weekend,” he said.

Halloween is Friday, but police expect Halloween-themed parties heavy on alcohol will be held throughout the weekend at fraternities, apartments and dorms.

ASU Sgt. Daniel Macias said extra patrol would be assigned on campus, and in the neighborhoods surrounding the Tempe campus that are known “party patrol.” Macias said his department is anticipating a much busier Friday night and officers will be on the look out for students in possession of alcohol or suspicious activity including students driving while impaired.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drunk drivers kill more than three times as many people on Halloween than on New Year’s Eve.

Police from both campuses advise students to use extra caution on Halloween including not traveling alone and telling others where they are going and with whom, Bermudez said. Students should contact police if any parties get out of hand and if they need any assistance.

Claudia Eastwood is a reporter at Arizona Sonora News, a service from the University of Arizona. Reach her at

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