Arizona Sonora News Broadcast– December Show

Arizona Sonora News is a student produced, news broadcast from Arizona Sonora News at the University of Arizona School of Journalism.

Stories are gathered from across Tucson and the surrounding areas.

In this edition of Arizona Cat’s Eye…

  • In 2015 it will be the 4th anniversary of the Jan. 8th shootings that killed six people and injured 13 just outside of Tucson. A memorial is up at the Arizona Historical Society where the community can remember the tragic day.
  • One non-profit organization works to keep veterans motivated and active.
  • Sexual assault on campus is on the rise and women are taking action to protect themselves.
  • A daycare center in Tucson is taking extra precautions when children don’t show up for daycare. The center says this could prevent incidents such as children and infants being left in cars.
  • As the temperatures drop, so do the gas prices this winter.
  • The Arizona Department of Revenue wants to tax some households that use solar panels, which could outweigh the benefits of using solar energy in the first place.
  • A changed privacy policy for Apple Inc. would prevent law officials from obtaining access to passwords on personal phones.
  • After seven years in the paint industry, one man decided to take a leap of faith and he ended up at the Metropolitan Opera.
  • Local dogs are helping children develop their literacy skills.
  • A church gives a warm meal to the homeless and a family to share it with.

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