Arizona restaurants dish it out on national TV

American food meets reality television in Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri, which features restaurants around the country because of their unique and and intriguing dishes.

Food Network and Cooking Channel Public Relations Manager Julie Chudow said the producers of the show conduct ongoing research on cities they plan to visit.

“They research restaurants that come through recommendation and word of mouth to find the gems that local residents visit and talk about,” Chudow said.

Through the Triple D team’s endeavors around Arizona, restaurants who deserve the elite recognition of being featured on national television had the opportunity to showcase their quirky ambiances and recipes.

Enjoy the beer can chicken, s’mores cheesecake and mac & cheese muffins that blew Guy away at The Duce, but do not feel bad, you can hit the gym attached to the restaurant directly afterward!

Stumble upon the Chinese-Mexican-Jamaican infusions that Guy described as the most original multi-cultural meals he has ever experienced, and enjoy those burst of flavors.

Did someone say award winning barbecue? Better yet, did someone say award winning barbecue from a gas station? Yup, you read that correctly. Tom’s Thumb does not disappoint, clearly, because Guy described the food as absolutely mouthwatering.

Fieri and his team have made pit stops in Arizona throughout the years spotlighting that they proclaim is the best the desert has to offer. The interactive map above relays the information that makes those restaurants stand out among the rest, what being on the show did for their business and links to each episode featuring that specific restaurant so you can see what makes it great for yourself.

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