The final (plastic) straw? Tucson company does brisk business making designer glass drinking straws

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  1. Thank you to the UofA, Kirshana Guy and the great persons who decided to stop using Plastic and start re-using by changing over to our clean, sleek, branded Glass Eco Straws in order to help the Planet one innocent life at a time. The fact that glass straws history goes back to the days when hospitals used them in the medical / scientific realms. I decided to go a few steps further and actually create messages of solidarity, hope and love for the sea creatures and other members of the environment.
    This process we use is actually by fusing the designs we print in our scientific serigraphic print shop into each glass straw. Printing with Pyrex fine color powders designs – liquid glass creates the perfect measure for activism, as well as to get people off their butts and into action to unite and take the messages and missions to the place we all frequent many times a day, to a drink in a cup in our hands!
    Please enjoy a glass Eco Straw and feel proud to be honored as an ECO HERO!
    Everyone loves you for your powerful life decision.

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